Magento Invalid backend model specified

Fix: go to phpmyadmin select your database, got to query tab and run following query UPDATE `eav_attribute` SET `backend_model` = ‘eav/entity_attribute_backend_datetime’ WHERE `backend_model` = ‘catalog/product_attribute_backend_startdate_specialprice’;

Magento Service Temporarily Unavailable

Check if there is a file called maintenance.flag in your magento root. If so Delete it. When Magento is performing certain tasks it temporarily creates this file. Magento checks for its existence and if it’s there will send users to the page you described. It’s supposed to automatically delete this file when done processing whatever […]

Very simple and basic angularjs routing application

Hi guys, I am gonna write a very basic and simple angular js routing application, purpose of writing this article is just to provide quick start with angularjs routing Here we go. I am gonna create a simple application “mailApp”, I will create an angularjs module and will configure this with my html file. First […]