Arch Linux sleep, hibernate, resume, reboot solution

Hibernation: In order to use hibernation, you need to create swap partition or swap file. See Swap for details. I have my swap drive as /dev/sda9, open your grub configuration file and add “resume=/dev/sda9” in your GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT like follow. /etc/default/grub _________________ GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT=”resume=/dev/sda9″ Recreate initial ramdisk: Edit your /etc/mkinitcpio.conf file and add resume option in hooks […]

Arch Linux audio problem with multiple flash/applications

Its a common problem with pulse audio that it plays audio on just one flash application and doesn’t output any audio to other flash or applications. That is not a problem actually, it is because when you install alsa it doesn’t install all components by default rather it just installs the necessary components. To support […]

Thunderbird default open links with chrome or firefox

To choose browser of your choice to open links go to Edit >Preferences >Advanced >General >Config Editor and search for network.protocol-handler.warn-external. If the following three are all set to false (default), turn them to true, and Thunderbird will ask you when clicking on links which application to use (remember to also check “Remember my choice […]

Arch Linux set default browser

open terminal and execute following commands $ xdg-mime default browser.desktop x-scheme-handler/http $ xdg-mime default browser.desktop x-scheme-handler/https replace browser with chromium or firefox example $ xdg-mime default chromium.desktop x-scheme-handler/http $ xdg-mime default chromium.desktop x-scheme-handler/https or $ xdg-mime default firefox.desktop x-scheme-handler/http $ xdg-mime default firefox.desktop x-scheme-handler/http

Repair git

Git recovery/repair is very easy just try commands below git init git fsck git gc –auto git reset –hard these above steps also fix git errors like *** Error in `git’: corrupted double-linked list: 0x09c45208 ***

Arch Linux Create SSH keys to ssh login without password

Generate ssh keys of your current system Install openssh if not already installed on your system. On arch linux you can install it as follow, for other distribution follow distribution instructions to install openssh If you already have created ssh keys and now created new one and now seeing this message “sign_and_send_pubkey: signing failed: agent […]

Linux thunderbird add extension

Adding thunderbird extension is a bit different than doing that in windows but still easy. 1. Download extension 2. Click Menu >addons 3. click on setting icon right before the search 4. click on install Add-on from file 5. point to your downloaded extension 6. click open and it will start install keep enjoying linux […]

Install Eclipse PDT on Arch Linux

Eclipse PDT requires jre as prerequisite, so you need to first install jre. Install Jre see here how to install jre Get Eclipse PDT go to eclipse pdt site Download linux version 32/64 bit depending on your os extract eclispse and just click on the eclipse file it will now open editor enjoy 🙂

Arch Linux install JRE

Installing jre on arch linux is very easy just go to and download tarball open your terminal and go to download location unzip/tar the tarball using following command tar -zxvf your-tarball go to extracted directory by terminal and type makepkg -s after that run following command pacman -U your-tarball-.tar.xz enjoy 🙂