Yaourt Arch Linux

Open the pacman.conf file # nano /etc/pacman.conf and then add this repo there: [archlinuxfr] SigLevel = Never Server = http://repo.archlinux.fr/$arch Save the file and now you can install apps and update the system using yaourt command $ yaourt

Install wine on arch linux

Installing wine on arch linux is very simple just enter following command in terminal #sudo pacman -S wine wine_gecko wine-mono wine_gecko and wine-mono are for applications that need support for Internet Explorer and .NET, respectively. To create a default prefix without running a Windows program or other GUI tool you can use: $ env WINEPREFIX=~/.customprefix […]

Arch Linux an easy install with windows (dual boot) for beginners

Boot using arch iso live cd or usb if you want to install from usb then follow as below 1. download latest arch as iso 2. if you are using windows then download usbwriter http://sourceforge.net/p/usbwriter/wiki/Documentation/  if you are using linux then use dd After boot go as follow Partitioning: if you want windows as dual boot […]