non-www to www redirection or www to non-www redirection

Introduction You are setting up a website? In more cases you will experience an odd situation where some of your links are working and some not or links starting with wwww are working but starting with http:// are not working and some might experience www is working but http is not. This happens because apache […]

How to remove “index.php” from all urls in Magento

Magento by default uses index.php for routing to urls. It is because some time you are on shared hosting and your apache is not configured with url rewrites = on or even on dedicated server you don’t have configured apache to work with url rewrites. To remove “index.php” from magento urls you need to turn […]

Adding Google Analytic Code to Magento

New stores probably need google analytic code to be integrated in header section of the website so it could be loaded with each¬†and every page of website. Most users will find it hard to integrate Google Analytic code with magento but in fact that is a very easy job. Let me explain how to do […]

Enhance Audio with equalizer on Arch Linux

Pulseaudio-equalizer is¬†system wide implementation of sound enhancements like bass boosts, echoes, Fidelity, Stereo enhancement and so on. Audio Video players have their own equalizer but they enhance only the audio / video files they are playing. So to enhance sounds playing such as: YouTube, facebook, Spotify, System Sound, Chromium, Firefox etc. all you need is […]