WordPress migration

Please carefully do all the steps below when migrating the wordpress to get 100% success. Change database preferences Open PhpMyAdmin and follow steps below 1. Go to wp_options table or bs_options table if you have bs_ as table prefix 2. Check value of siteurl and home field in option_value column and replace the old url […]

How to recover overwritten files in linux

Mostly I work on live ftps using gedit or notepad++ and filezilla. Last day I was working on a file and suddenly filezilla overwritten that file with 0 bytes on ftp. That was a horrible and destroying as that files was backbone of my project. After using different file recovery tools I was disappointed then […]

Passing arguments to cron and receive in php

Setting up cron Crons can pass parameters or arguments to scripts as well for example you have example.php set as cron like below Now if you want to pass parameters to example.php in cron you can do it as follow by using key value pairs If you want to send arguments without keys you can […]