Setting up thunderbird profiles in different location

Thunderbird by default creates its data directory in user’s home directory but you can of course move it to a different location. Follow the steps below to do that. Install thunderbird if not installed already Open thunderbird with profile manager only Select “Work Offline” option Note: if you have already installed thunderbird then copy its […]

WordPress migration issues

Please carefully do all the steps below when migrating the wordpress to get 100% success. Open phpmyadmin go to wp_options table or bs_options table if you have bs_ as table prefix and check following steps 1. check siteurl and home field in option_value column and replace the old url with the new one. 2. Make […]

Arch linux easy install on PC or VM for beginners with images

Boot using arch ISO live cd or usb if you want to install from USB then follow as below 1. download latest arch as ISO 2. if you are using windows then download usbwriter if you are using linux then use dd Boot using installation media i.e USB Select x86_64 if you want 64 bit […]