Magento get dirs

Base Dir /htdocs/magento App Dir /app/ Code Dir /app/code Design Dir /app/design ETC Dir /app/etc Lib Dir /lib Locale Dir /app/locale Media Dir /media Skin Dir /skin Var Dir /var Tmp Dir /var/tmp Cache Dir /var/cache Log Dir /var/log Session Dir /var/session Upload Dir /media/upload Export Dir /var/export Module Specific Directories

Magento get urls

Get Base Url : Get Skin Url : (a) Unsecure Skin Url : (b) Secure Skin Url : Get Media Url : Get Js Url : Get Store Url : Get Current Url Get Url in cms pages or static blocks Get Base Url : Get Skin Url : Get Media Url : Get Store […]

PHP Sessions not transferring to next page?

There are multiple reasons why sessions are not transferring to next page but the most important thing is to check the urls of sender and receiver pages For example if you are sending session from non secure url to a secure url this will not work