How to access server running inside docker?

Docker runs in a virtual environment so has its own network and ip management. To access server running inside docker in your browser you need to either bind the server to port which is local host of your system or use docker ip. You can get docker ip using below What if servers running […]

How to store/retrieve object in localStorage

Local storage can store string data only, what if you want to store an object? Answer to above question is, convert object into string using “JSON.stringify()”   How to get object back from localStorage? You can get user back from localStorage and convert it back to object using “JSON.parse()”  

Code mapping in VS-Code and Vue

Open launch.js and insert following If you see an error saying “Chrome not found”, it might be unable to find chrome in your system because it is looking for “google-chrome” and you have probably “chromium” in your /usr/bin. To fix this error, create a link to chromium You can see the paths here