Arch Linux, ftp connection using KDE File manager Dolphin

Its quite easy to setup ftp connection with dolphin (KDE File Manager) open dolphin if you can’t see address bar press f6 put address like in address bar and hit enter it will ask you username/password if required and will connect to ftp automatically and will start displaying files on ftp server. Enjoy 🙂

Change directory permissions quickly using ftp and php

Well, some times you find yourself in a situation where you have code uploaded to your server but permissions are not correct, definitely its hectic to change the permissions of all files one by one, you can use cpanel but still that doesn’t allow you to change permissions recursively (in the inner directories or files), […]

How to unzip on server using ftp and php

Well, some times you just have the ftp information to upload the code and you decide to upload a zip file to upload whole code in a bunch quickly, that’s nice but what happens when you see your ftp doesn’t allow you to unzip the file? That’s scary isn’t it? Fortunately we still have a way […]