Auto switching wireless profiles in Arch Linux

Please follow steps below to auto switch your wireless network profiles. This is useful when you frequently switch between your wireless networks i.e home and office. 1. Install wpa_actiond, dialog and wpa_supplicant 2. Create profile using wifi-menu   It will display a wifi network selection, choose your network and provide password. Save the profile. Repeat […]

Touchpad Settings in Arch Linux

Most of the times your desktop provide settings for your touchpad. In case you don’t find touchpad settings in your desktop, you need to edit the touchpad configuration file directly. Disable touchpad while typing is not often available in default settings, you may need to add them as in following example. First thing is to […]

Using your own display manager for Arch Linux

Arch linux comes up with pretty good display managers like kdm, gdm etc. These gdms load all the required software and plugins as a default. If you are an expert user and have multiple desktop environments like lxde, xfce, lxqt, cinnamon, kde, gnome, mate etc and you frequently switch them, then the best way is […]

Skype sounds stops media player or other sound sources

You can try commenting out the following modules in /etc/pulse/ #load-module module-role-cork If that does not help, you can try changing flat-volumes to no in /etc/pulse/daemon.conf. flat-volumes = no If that still does not work, you can manually unload the module: $ pactl unload-module module-role-cork

Arch linux connecting to vpn

VPN connection in arch linux is a just a bit of commands as follow 1. get free vpn with username and password or use your own you can get free vpn from below 2. create a tunnel of vpn using following command pptpsetup –create my_tunnel –server –username alice –password foo –encrypt 3. make […]

Arch Linux audio problem with multiple flash/applications

Its a common problem with pulse audio that it plays audio on just one flash application and doesn’t output any audio to other flash or applications. That is not a problem actually, it is because when you install alsa it doesn’t install all components by default rather it just installs the necessary components. To support […]

Arch Linux Create SSH keys to ssh login without password

Generate ssh keys of your current system Install openssh if not already installed on your system. On arch linux you can install it as follow, for other distribution follow distribution instructions to install openssh If you already have created ssh keys and now created new one and now seeing this message “sign_and_send_pubkey: signing failed: agent […]