Passing arguments to cron and receive in php

Setting up cron Crons can pass parameters or arguments to scripts as well for example you have example.php set as cron like below Now if you want to pass parameters to example.php in cron you can do it as follow by using key value pairs If you want to send arguments without keys you can […]

How to set php script to cronjob

Cron is a task scheduler which can execute a task on certain intervals, you can add php script to cron to run it on certain time intervals. For example you want to delete temporary files after every 14 days, you write a script to delete temporary files and add that script to cron. How to […]

Arch Linux Create SSH keys to ssh login without password

Generate ssh keys of your current system Install openssh if not already installed on your system. On arch linux you can install it as follow, for other distribution follow distribution instructions to install openssh If you already have created ssh keys and now created new one and now seeing this message “sign_and_send_pubkey: signing failed: agent […]