Fixing Magento 2 Readiness Check by local php.ini

Magento 2 heavily relies on the php.ini setting to make 100% sure that magento will run without any error. While installing magento 2 you may encounter “Readiness Check” Errors. The reasons for those errors are either you have not created local php.ini file for your project in the project folder or magento is unable to […]

Magento get dirs

Base Dir /htdocs/magento App Dir /app/ Code Dir /app/code Design Dir /app/design ETC Dir /app/etc Lib Dir /lib Locale Dir /app/locale Media Dir /media Skin Dir /skin Var Dir /var Tmp Dir /var/tmp Cache Dir /var/cache Log Dir /var/log Session Dir /var/session Upload Dir /media/upload Export Dir /var/export Module Specific Directories

Magento get urls

Get Base Url : Get Skin Url : (a) Unsecure Skin Url : (b) Secure Skin Url : Get Media Url : Get Js Url : Get Store Url : Get Current Url Get Url in cms pages or static blocks Get Base Url : Get Skin Url : Get Media Url : Get Store […]

Magento Unsupported operand types in…

Fatal error: Unsupported operand types in /app/code/core/Mage/ImportExport/Model/Export/Entity/Product.php on line 873 If you are getting above error while exporting products in Magento 1.7.X The fix is simple. Open this file /app/code/core/Mage/ImportExport/Model/Export/Entity/Product.php and go to line number 873. It should be working now.

Magento Creating Multi Stores on Different Domains

Magento is yet a powerful opensource e-commerce solution. It allows you create multiple stores inside single installation. You can then point each of store to a new url. Lets start with multi store creation. Step 1: Create Category for new store Magento needs root category for the store, you can either create new store category […]

How to secure you Magento installation from possible hacks

Magento is widely used as a powerful e-commerce platform, hence it is popular and widely used there are more hacks and malware created from outside world to attack magento to steal information or redirecting users to advertisement pages. Here I will tell you how you can protect your magento installation files, there are other steps […]

Magento Error 404 on every page

That is possible due to mod rewrite not working properly To solve this check either mod_rewrite is enabled if enabled then check your virtual host file and change it to following Often virtualhost file contains AllowOverride none that actually restricts magento .htacess files to execute. You need to put it to AllowOverride all.

Magento Product Page 404 error

If magento is not showing product page properly and displaying 404 page instead there might be possibility of reporting error. Check your error log file and see if that error is related to reporting then execute following query in the phpMyadmin

Change file permissions recursively using php

You often ran into a position where you need to deploy your script on hosting and you have only ftp access. Your web server configuration may need to have right permissions on files to execute them. Normally on linux servers directory permissions are set to 0755 and file permissions are 644, but if security is […]

Magento custom options files or images corrupt download

What is happening? Often store owners need to create custom options at product level to upload files/images, these file upload options appear on product detail page so customers can upload their files. For example there is a print site, customers pick the business card and want to upload their own design (front and back). For […]