Stripe error Amount must be at least 50 cents

Uncaught StripeErrorInvalidRequest: Amount must be at least 50 cents Stripe expects amounts in cents/pence, so if you pass amount as amount = 10 This will be considered as 10 pence instead of 10 USD. So when Stripe gets pence lower than 50 it generates that error. How to send USD instead of pence You need […]

Passing arguments to cron and receive in php

Setting up cron Crons can pass parameters or arguments to scripts as well for example you have example.php set as cron like below Now if you want to pass parameters to example.php in cron you can do it as follow by using key value pairs If you want to send arguments without keys you can […]

Magento Unsupported operand types in…

Fatal error: Unsupported operand types in /app/code/core/Mage/ImportExport/Model/Export/Entity/Product.php on line 873 If you are getting above error while exporting products in Magento 1.7.X The fix is simple. Open this file /app/code/core/Mage/ImportExport/Model/Export/Entity/Product.php and go to line number 873. It should be working now.

Stripe payments customized emails

Stripe is very popular payment processing system growing in its customers day by day, it has well written and rich enhanced api with really cool documentation which provides us great flexibility in terms of utilization and customization. Stripe dashboard itself has pretty standard customization options for emails, you can place your logo and change a […]

How to set php script to cronjob

Cron is a task scheduler which can execute a task on certain intervals, you can add php script to cron to run it on certain time intervals. For example you want to delete temporary files after every 14 days, you write a script to delete temporary files and add that script to cron. How to […]

Magento Creating Multi Stores on Different Domains

Magento is yet a powerful opensource e-commerce solution. It allows you create multiple stores inside single installation. You can then point each of store to a new url. Lets start with multi store creation. Step 1: Create Category for new store Magento needs root category for the store, you can either create new store category […]

How to secure you Magento installation from possible hacks

Magento is widely used as a powerful e-commerce platform, hence it is popular and widely used there are more hacks and malware created from outside world to attack magento to steal information or redirecting users to advertisement pages. Here I will tell you how you can protect your magento installation files, there are other steps […]

Magento Error 404 on every page

That is possible due to mod rewrite not working properly To solve this check either mod_rewrite is enabled if enabled then check your virtual host file and change it to following Often virtualhost file contains AllowOverride none that actually restricts magento .htacess files to execute. You need to put it to AllowOverride all.

Magento Product Page 404 error

If magento is not showing product page properly and displaying 404 page instead there might be possibility of reporting error. Check your error log file and see if that error is related to reporting then execute following query in the phpMyadmin