PHP Sessions not transferring to next page?

There are multiple reasons why sessions are not transferring to next page but the most important thing is to check the urls of sender and receiver pages For example if you are sending session from non secure url to a secure url this will not work

Integrating stripe using stripe.js and stripe-php library

Stripe is getting popular as a payment processor because of its simplicity and PCI compliance. To meet with PCI standards your website shouldn’t send or store any credit card information to any where other than stripe, so to send credit card information directly to stripe we use stripejs. How it works Stripe.js collects credit card […]

Stripe error Amount must be at least 50 cents

Uncaught StripeErrorInvalidRequest: Amount must be at least 50 cents Stripe expects amounts in cents/pence, so if you pass amount as amount = 10 This will be considered as 10 pence instead of 10 USD. So when Stripe gets pence lower than 50 it generates that error. How to send USD instead of pence You need […]

Stripe payments customized emails

Stripe is very popular payment processing system growing in its customers day by day, it has well written and rich enhanced api with really cool documentation which provides us great flexibility in terms of utilization and customization. Stripe dashboard itself has pretty standard customization options for emails, you can place your logo and change a […]